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Australia's Top-choice Healthcare Solutions Provider

Our healthcare solution is best known for providing high-quality thermoformed plastic packaging. We are family-owned thermoforming manufacturing and providers of cost-effective and innovative healthcare solutions that advance the health and safety of patients and medical professionals in Australia's healthcare system.

We started back in 1990, and since then, they have become Australia's leading supplier for prescription medication labels, surgical instruments, and ergonomic furniture and workstations for sterilizing medical equipment.

Our founder saw the need to advocate the interests of every stakeholder in the healthcare industry; patients and healthcare professionals alike. He saw that research and technology are keys to innovation and now all of their products are being used by some of Australia's largest private and public hospitals and medical centers. We always look forward as they want to be the standard-bearers of invention and customer responsiveness. They also constantly add new products and services that result from their investment in technology and innovation.

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